5 Core Values of Appiskey

Any company that finds its existence based on the core values of honesty and commitment to its clients and the promoting personal development of its employees is all set for the path of greatness. App...

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iOS or Android

Where Do You Earn More Revenue Google App or Apple App Store?

Many companies are faced with the dilemma of whether they should use iOS or Android to develop their apps. If we were to look solely at the fina...

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Cloud Migration

Key Cloud Migration Challenges

Being on the cloud allows greater access to data and makes it easier to collaborate and share data between customers and IT systems. With cloud computing being affordable, companies can store and anal...

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Play Games

Inefficiency’s New Enemy: A Single App for Every Need

Today’s Apps Universe:

Presently, there are no conflicts on the fact that apps are pivotal to our daily lives. More often than not, using an app is the first and last thing done by us on...

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dominating the global market in 2017

How Apps Are Going to Dominate Google in 2017 and in the Future

The world is changing at breakneck speeds and things that we are well accustomed to are fast experiencing a 360-degree overhaul. Instagram Consultant is now a proper job and one that is immensely well...

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Web development landscape

Main Players Reshaping the Web Development Landscape In 2017

The world of web design is what comes together as the face of the internet as it is the design elements that add life and meaning to what we view on screen. Year after year the world of web design wor...

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Apps to improve your data center performance

Innovative uses of Apps to improve your data center performance

The digital world is constantly transforming as technology continues to provide linkages that transform business processes into highly integrated patterns. Leading this change are apps, which by their...

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Switching to enterprise cloud computing

5 Things to consider before switching to Enterprise Cloud Computing

Every single business is different in its set of needs, operational capabilities and requirements and that is the first basic standpoint you need to understand before moving wholly or partly to cloud-...

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Legal issues to consider before making an app

Legal issues to consider before making an app

With the high penetration of smart gadgets like smartphones , ipads and tablet PCs, there has been a significant increase in the development of mobile apps. The development of creative apps has now be...

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App product lifecycle stages

Learning About App Product Lifecycle Stages and Future Forecast

With the increasing array of mobile technologies, web based solutions and new smart tech gadgets being introduced every day, the need to support the future digital technologies is exceeding the capaci...

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