Using the Freemium Business Model to Fuel Mobile Apps

The Freedom to Choose

The Consumer of the 21st Century vies more for experience and value than the product itself. If any firm wants to gain & retain a loyal base of customers, then it h...

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How to Keep Users Interested in Your Apps

No one wants to keep too many Apps on their phone, they use up space and can slow your phone down. Ever thought of how many Apps you downloaded, installed and then completely forgot about and then eve...

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App Development

How to Minimize App Development Costs?

The advent of smartphones powered by intuitive operating systems like iOS and Android...

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amazing app

5 Tips for Coming up with New Amazing App Ideas

Nearly a decade ago, the best bet to strike big in the business world lay in fields like oil & gas exploration, financial services, transportation or delivery services or even computer hardware & soft...

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Essential Tools for App Developers

The business world is rapidly changing and no one wants to waste time and effort because it will cost valuable resources and missed chances, a recipe doomed towards failure. You know how to develop a ...

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5 Core Values of Appiskey

Any company that finds its existence based on the core values of honesty and commitment to its clients and the promoting personal development of its employees is all set for the path of greatness. App...

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iOS or Android

Where Do You Earn More Revenue Google App or Apple App Store?

Many companies are faced with the dilemma of whether they should use iOS or Android to develop their apps. If we were to look solely at the fina...

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Cloud Migration

Key Cloud Migration Challenges

Being on the cloud allows greater access to data and makes it easier to collaborate and share data between customers and IT systems. With cloud computing being affordable, companies can store and anal...

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Play Games

Inefficiency’s New Enemy: A Single App for Every Need

Today’s Apps Universe:

Presently, there are no conflicts on the fact that apps are pivotal to our daily lives. More often than not, using an app is the first and last thing done by us on...

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