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Main Players Reshaping the Web Development Landscape In 2017

The world of web design is what comes together as the face of the internet as it is the design elements that add life and meaning to what we view on screen. Year after year the world of web design world sees an evolution with new trends replacing old ones, some getting lost in the years gone by while some evolving into something totally out of the box.
A perfectly well articulated and flawless web design is not a feat that can be achieved overnight but requires substantial brainstorming and dedicated efforts on the part of well-known giant tech companies. These coupled with certain time-sensitive elements, recent trends and the like also affects web design. Good web designs are an apt tool to leave ever-lasting impressions. Three prerequisites that define a web design that caters to its users are it being personal, relevant and interactive. So, what’s new in 2017? Let’s explore.
Drawing a comparison between the tradition and modern trends
In this highly dynamic mobile dominated era, customers are looking for navigating everything at their fingertips and everything is just a scroll or click away. Thanks to the ever-increasing influence of social media in our lives, we even tend to scroll on our desktops on trackpads. As websites become more elaborative and longer the design rules that dictate web design and the typography used are changing to do justice to these new web layouts.
Web designers have realized that their purpose is not to flood the customer with tons of information but instead to convey the message in the most succulent and precise manner. Content will retain its important, just the way it is organized and presented will be transformed.

1. Conversational Interface

With the rising trend of humanizing the online communication channels, the topic of conversational UI will become a hot topic for 2017. People prefer getting genuine information right from the horse’s mouth and hence they find ways to interact with customer service representatives of different companies. This first-hand news through bots on chats, messaging apps and other interfaces where it is easy to converse in your natural language helps customers make important decisions related to the company. The greater the company pays attention to giving their customer priority the more benefits it will reap in the long run. Companies have taken great interest to embrace the rising growth of apps like Slack, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat.

2. GIF’s and Animations

GIF’s and animations are not a thing of the recent past, but web designs have long been incorporating animated
elements to attract attention. This trend will continue to strengthen in 2017 and as designers are exploring even more tools to make visually appealing designs, it is definitely going to the next level in 2017. Animations are comparatively easier to create and should be in harmony with the voice of brand and the tone documentation so that it is in synchronization with the message that needs to be delivered.
GIF’s are now also embedded into Facebook and Twitter and can now be used more widely. However, it should be kept in mind that they are not used repetitively. GIF’s can be leveraged to showcase a comprehensive product experience, demonstrate a smooth workflow or even summarize a ‘how-to’ guide for the customer.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence forms the basis of the bright future of technology, which will amaze humans beyond extent. AI has already seen a lot of advancements in the past year and with tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft leveraging AI technology for the general benefit of the public it has set new standards. AI technology refines search engines like it does for Google and also helps Wikipedia find potential loopholes in the published information.
With the tools of AI development at the disposal of developers and designers, it is bound to be used in imaginative and unprecedented ways. An apt demonstration of such an application of AI is an AI-driven website creation. This includes a computerized system interrogating about the color scheming, content and layout that you wish to put together. When this information will be provided, the pre-programmed and fed-in algorithms will do the needful and bring about a final product that is aesthetically pleasing and does justice to web design standards.
The web is a very interesting and constantly evolving place where change is the only constant. Information undergoes many changes and is processed in different manners to experiment with new trends.

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